But now that I have one of my own, I see how useful they can be


“But now that I have one of my own, I see how useful they can be.

Blake, the company’s President,is so dedicated to fulfilling the needs of his clients, that he often installs their own custom designs into his own home.With homes becoming increasingly more technologically advanced, it’s apparently more important than ever for him to be aware of the newest must-haves in home design.”

Not only that, but a pot filler faucet is also quite aesthetically pleasing, according to the company, adding intrigue to a modern kitchen.

With an abundance of new and developing trends across homes today, it’s hard to imagine how Mike Blake keeps abreast of them all. This reportedly enables him to get a more accurate feel for new and popular home features. Perhaps Mike Blake Custom Homes is ahead of the trend, and this could be a must-have for all homes in the future?

Other, even more revolutionary features on Mike Blake’s blog include the newestmust-have home China Hardware Sanitary Manufacturers automation software that permits home access using a smartphone App; and a Smart Bulb, also controllable using a phone or tablet. “And what better way to understand the needs of a customer than to become one.

“Customers are our number one”, says Mike Blake. A pot filler faucet does exactly what it says on the tin: it comprises of a plumped-in tap that fixes above kitchen hobs, so that pots and pans can Floor Drain be quickly and efficiently filled with water for cooking. The water is pre-heated, making it easy to make cups of tea or coffee, or fill a pan to soak after use.

Mike Blake Custom Homes is currently a leading custom home design and build company operating in northern East Texas.”

Examples of these new must-haves include a bathroom bidet, a luxurious shower steam room and a pot filler faucet. Your clients will have more faith in you if you’re aware of those things.

This seems to have sparked a revolution in the world of home design; for many, the dream of a custom built home is fast becoming a reality. Blake is the successor to a highly reputable family-run business, and it looks like his dedication to staying on top of the newest must-haves could be part of the reason he is so popular among his clients.Custom built homes are becoming more commonfor this new generation of homeowners.Not only is the current popularity of build and designTV shows having a positive effect on the custom design market, peoplehave also becomemore aware of the environmental impacts of their homes may be having..

“Initially I thought why in the world would anyone really need a pot filler”, says Mike Blake. When it comes to the latest home designs, it’s all about staying on top of leading trends and the newest must-haves

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